Elysia Yoga Convention

Heaven on earth and an amazing experience of yoga development in gorgeous surroundings. The hotel and spa are perfect, and the people that attend are top notch! I want to go again every year.


One of the world’s most inspiring yoga conventions, taking place on the idyllic island of Amorgos

Elysia Yoga Convention is the only luxury yoga event in the world held at Aegialis Hotel & Spa on Amorgos island, Greece. Welcoming yoga teachers, wellness practitioners and yoga enthusiasts from all over the world, Elysia is a special event where yoga, wellness and luxury combine for 7 days of unforgettable moments. Every year, international yogis join Elysia to honour the practice of yoga on magical Amorgos, surrounded by zen-like energy. The event is open to the general public, who have a keen interest and passion for yoga and wellbeing.

All participants get the opportunity to explore different styles of asana practice taught by the presenters including hatha yoga, vinyasa, yin, restorative, akhanda, nidra, Iyengar, Ashtanga etc. There are also early morning guided meditation sessions, educational workshops and lectures on yoga, wellness and holistic healing. During the convention, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the island through the activities organized by the Elysia team.

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Why should i attend?

Elysia is a great opportunity to take a break, honour your body, mind and soul and learn more about yoga and wellness. Whether you are a beginner to it or it is already part of your lifestyle, Elysia welcomes all yoga enthusiasts who are passionate about health and yoga. Whilst here, you will connect with like-minded souls and other yoga lovers and learn so much from international practitioners. Yoga teachers and wellness professionals from all over the world come to Elysia to share their knowledge and experience, each one offering a unique yoga practice which everybody can take part in, learn about and enjoy. Each teacher brings their unique skills to the convention, some teaching different types of yoga classes, others guiding meditation sessions or leading holistic health focused workshops.

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