Namaste Shala

The Namaste Yoga Shala is an impressive 280 square-meter-long indoor space specifically designed and built for yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices.

Ajna Rooftop

Ajna is the third eye chakra, and we named this space due to the clarity and inner peace it brings when surrounded by the miracles of nature. 

Anahata Rooftop

Anahata is the name of the heart chakra, and we named this space due to the powerful energy it emits of connection, gratitude and love when surrounded by the Amorgian natural treasures.

Shanti Shala

Located at the new innovation of Aegialis Hotel, called the Olive Grove, the Shanti shala is our latest development, which comes with plenty of privacy and direct views of the crystal clear Aegean sea.

Ananda Shala

The Ananda shala offers the perfect balance between calm and lively energy. It provides a modern, luxurious feel and an overall enchanting experience. Ananda continues to impress with its magical views of the sea, mountains and the bay.

Anatolia Shala

Anatolia is a beautiful indoor shala with a vibrant energy all year around. With direct views of the bay, mountains and the sea, Anatolia offers inspiration for any kind of yoga, meditation and spiritual practice.

Elysia Shala

The Elysia shala is an elegant space with pristine views of mountains, green nature and the deep blue Aegean sea. It offers a cozy feel, perfect for feeling grounded, safe and relaxed during your yoga or meditation practice.

Nidra Shala

The Nidra shala offers a private setting, close to the indoor sea water pool. Enjoy this bubble of tranquillity and connect with the water element. It is located in the Lalon Idor Spa complex, built in a way to enhance the powerful energy it exudes.